This is the story of a family that loves traditions and life in the countryside. Daniele Malagoli is a Civil Hydraulic Engineer who had a brilliant career that saw him engaged for 40 years in important works and construction sites. However, he has always loved the authenticity of life in the countryside, and he lives under the banner of the simple values that have been passed on to him by his family. Son of peasants, he never lost the bond with the land that he passed on to his daughters, Sofia and Taisia.

His wife, Barbara, comes from a family of hoteliers and grew up in contact with the public. Barbara's grandmother, Emma, opened her restaurant in the 1930s and it was impossible to her not to pass on the love for hospitality and good food to her daughters and grandchildren.

Sofia is Daniele and Barbara’s eldest daughter and the soul of Acetaia Malagoli Daniele. She studied Civil Engineering, as her father wished and graduated. During the University, however, she decided to turn her father’s hobby for Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP into a business that now involves the whole family.

Sofia chose to listen to her heart. Thus, Acetaia Malagoli Daniele was born along with the numerous activities that are carried out every day: touristic hospitality, the production of the Black Gold of Modena, the sale of the precious products, the constant research for new partners, events, products (see, Sofia Luxury Chocolates, Lucilla Anti-Aging Facial Cream and the book "Il Balsamico, l'Oro Nero di Modena”), the Modena showroom and the B&B.

Last but not least, Taisia, six years younger than Sofia, she too has now fully joined the business! She mainly takes care of the B&B and the back office growing and improving every day, with passion and dedication.


This is the team of the Malagoli family, who have chosen to live in the countryside, following the traditions of their ancestors and making the local traditions their mission in life.