To spread the authentic knowledge of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO, Sofia Malagoli has created a line of excellent products capable of enhancing it in new, innovative ways, always respecting the ancient tradition of Modena.
Lucilla is a precious Anti-Aging Facial Cream, an ambassador of the Made in Modena excellence.
The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO meets the Solfo-Magnesian Water of Salvarola, which is the only thermal spring water in the province of Modena. Thanks to this characteristic, Lucilla is an unique product and also a symbol of local female entrepreneurship. Gabriella Gibertini and Sofia Malagoli respectively animate Terme della Salvarola and Acetaia Malagoli Daniele and commit themselves every day, with sacrifice and determination, to carry on the traditions of their beloved land.


For centuries, balsamic vinegar has held a significant place in Italian cuisine, and is known to have been used by royalty as a prestigious "imperial gift". However, not many know that since the Middle Ages the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar was considered a miracle cure-all potion due to its precious properties. Hence, it is not too strange that Sofia decided to create a unique anti-aging facial cream product using this remarkable black gold.  


Lucilla is the perfect combination between the authentic DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (aged at least 12 years in wooden barrels) and Salvarola’s Thermal natural spring waters. Thanks also to the addition of nourishing ingredients, Lucilla is the perfect one to rejuvenate your skin!


Lucilla is an authentic Anti-Aging facial cream, created in Modena by women, for women!



Sofia Malagoli, a young lady with an entrepreneurial spirit and unstoppable drive who knows what women are looking for. 


Gabriella Gibertini, co-owner of Terme della Salvarola, the only natural thermae in the province of Modena, with strong experience in cosmetics. After months of research and refinement and with a common passion for perfection, the two women worked tirelessly to achieve only the best product, without any compromise on quality. Lucilla was finally created exactly as they envisioned from the beginning.


This luxurious cream is a blend of the traditions of Modena and Sofia's passion for her rich heritage and hometown.


For this photo shoot, we intentionally decided to use only non-retouched photos. Natural, authentic and perfect in their imperfection.